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New!  February Classes!

We have 39 classes for you to attend! 

Classes for newborns to 24 months!  

Class Offers

Each class is taught by Nicole Bazinet, a pediatric occupational therapist and infant development expert.  

Let’s Play - Purposeful Playgroup Ideal for babies newborn to not yet-walking.

A fun and educational class that promotes movement, play, and connection! Our activities are specifically designed to stimulate your baby's developing brain. We provide opportunities for learning and exploration through fun and engaging toys and activities.  Our nurturing space encourages social interactions and a sense of belonging.  Every class is unique and customized to your unique needs and your baby’s abilities.  Gain access to an infant development expert and pediatric occupational therapist who not only guides the fun activities but also delves into the developmental benefits behind them. You’ll leave class with customized recommendations and personalized answers to your questions. 

Let’s Move! Belly Buddies Ideal for babies newborn to not-yet crawling.

A class focused on early movement skills for younger babies.   Discover the what, why, and how of Tummy Time - a crucial activity for your baby's development. Whether your little one loves it or needs some convincing, we'll explore the benefits of Tummy Time and provide practical strategies to make it enjoyable. Learn when to start, how to do it, how long it should last, and how to incorporate it seamlessly into your daily routine. Join us for some fun and interactive activities and take the stress out of Tummy Time!

Let’s Move!  Rollers and Crawlers Ideal for babies 3ish months to not-yet crawling.

A fun and educational class that encourages movement and exploration.  Every class is unique and customized to your unique needs and your baby’s abilities.  You will receive  hands-on support and individualized strategies to support your baby as they explore the world around them.

Sensational Babies 2 classes: 0-6 months and 6 months to not-yet walking.

A fun and interactive playgroup that explores sensory development.  The sensory system is an integral part of your baby’s developing brain.  Through sensory experiences, babies learn about the world and develop crucial skills that will serve them throughout their lives.  To help support your baby’s sensory development, it is important to provide them with a variety of activities and social interactions as this can help stimulate the senses and promote development. During this class you will:  Learn how the sensory system impacts development, explore each of the 7 senses, and engage in activities that support the development of each sense.

Sensational Toddlers Ideal for confident sitters (8 months+) to 24 months.

This playgroup encourages toddlers to explore different sensory mediums such as sensory bins and early art experiences.  Expect to get messy!  Toddlers will gain experience being in a small group setting and parents don’t have to worry about the mess! 

Let's Play! Dad’s Day Out Ideal for babies newborn to not-yet walking.

This is our Let's Play class with a special focus on fatherhood.  Connect with other fathers in the same stage of life as you while learning about your baby's development.  Open to all people who identify as fathers. 

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