Parent Reviews

“Nicole is awesome! As a second time mama, I learned so much from her. I have been incorporating all the tips she shared with me and my son is showing great improvement especially with his crawling.” -M.T. (Mom)

“I absolutely loved Nicole’s class! I loved the small group nature of the class which allowed for intermittent 1:1 teaching, while also allowing for interaction with other parents. It was extremely helpful and informative for all ages (our class had babies from 2 weeks to 5 months). It was amazing all of the things you learn that you can start with your baby from day 1. We will definitely be going to another class, and I highly recommend it for all parents!” -Sarah (Mom)

“You provided us with so many great tips.” -Tiffany (Mom)

"L. figured out how to crawl during the holiday break.  Thank you again for all your work with him!"  -L.'s Mom

"I recently attended a bwellbaby playgroup and it was an incredibly helpful and informative experience. Nicole was extremely knowledgeable and a great listener, providing us with valuable insights on our baby's developmental milestones and how to support their growth and development. The playgroup was a fun and engaging experience for parents and babies. Nicole was patient and kind, taking the time to answer all of our questions and address any concerns we had. Her enthusiasm for her work was evident and made the playgroup even more enjoyable.  Overall, I highly recommend this playgroup to any new parents looking to learn more about their baby's development and how to support it. Thank you to Nicole for hosting such a fantastic playgroup!" -Mom of Baby S.

"Nicole was Addie’s Occupational Therapist for the first 4 months of her life and taught us SO much in that time about how to support Addie’s growth and development to help her flourish. We were so blessed to have her and loved watching her share her passion with the world.  If you’re local to the Raleigh area with a little one, check out one of her playgroups and you’ll quickly see why we love her so much!! If you’re not local, be sure to follow her page for insight into how to support your baby’s development." -Addie's Mom

"Nicole came to our house for a personal in-home occupational therapy session when our little girl was 10 days old. Going into the session we had concerns about our daughter being specifically fussy/ difficult to settle during nights, her digestion/ acid reflux, and possible feeding challenges. The entire session was very informative and engaging! Nicole first listens to your concerns and has conversations with you about your daily life since coming home. During the session as we began addressing concerns we had, Nicole would not only talk through different techniques/ recommendations, she would then demonstrate how to do it, followed by supporting and guiding  us in trying the technique with our baby ourselves. We ended the session feeling like we had learned a lot about different massage techniques to support digestion and reflux, positioning during feeding and burping, and ways to support development such as tummy time positions. That same day we immediately felt comfortable trying these tips and techniques on our own because Nicole had guided us so well during the session. I highly recommend Nicole's occupational therapy services and look forward to exploring her workshops to learn from her even more!"

-Baby G.'s Mom